IDN(Integration Developer Network) formed to get integration Developers, Administrators  and professionals certified.  Every user who Joins IDN by registering and creating their IDN Profile passes through the point based system which allocates the registered users points for their contributions to IDN. Upon reaching specified thresholds users get sponsorship for Certification from IDN for redemption of points.



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IDN is a full point based system where you can look out for these benefits:


Guests can access Forums, Blogs, shareware, FAQ’s, Jobs, Videos, Articles, Usefullinks and Events.

Registered users are part of IDN community and will contribute to IDN community in the form of forums,blogs,shareware, FAQ posts. Users can gain points for their contributions and redeem the points for Amazon gifts and Certifications.



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Point based system:

Every user gets benefited by Joining and Contributing to IDN, the point system is integrated with all Sections and all categories of webMethods. Your contributions are reviewed daily, once approved points will be credited to your account.


Points meter:

-> Joining Bonus 100 points.

-> Starting a discussion forum should get 2 points(default),Other user Thanks you than you will get 10 points.

-> Any user who Replies with a possible solution or an answer to any forum discussion topic should get 5 points by default.

-> Posting a Scenario(step by step with screenshots)at blogs category should get 20 points.

-> Uploading utilities software in Software category and contributing to our shareware will get 20 points.

-> Send us your suggestions for future versions of IDN, once approved you will get 20 points.

-> Posting at wM IQ’s Category will get 3 points.

-> Posting at Videos section will get 10 points.

-> Posting a Web link will get 5 points.

-> Refer a friend will get 5 points when the users referral joins IDN.

-> Posting articles on any integration topics will get 10 points.


-> And many more points you can earn in form of custom points, Bonus points and coupon codes.........


Point Thresholds:

-> 1000 points Redeem for Amazon gifts worth 50 USD.

-> 2000 points Redeem for Amazon gifts worth 100 USD or Withdraw via Paypal.

-> 4000 points Redeem for Amazon gifts worth 200 USD or Withdraw or get Google Nexus 7.

-> 6000 points Redeem for Amazon gifts worth 300 USD or Withdraw or get Any EAI tool Training worth 400 USD.

-> 8000 points Redeem for Amazon gifts worth 400 USD or Withdraw or get Samsung Glxy note 800 Tablet worth 500 USD.

-> 10000 points Redeem for Amazon gifts worth 500 USD or Withdraw or get Certification sponsorship worth 600 USD.


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