webMethods step by step creation and execution of simple Business process model

Task: creation and execution of simple Business process model/webMethods BPM

OS: WindowsOS


Platform: webMethods 7.1


Steps covered:


1.How to create a process model

2. How to create a Task

3.How to deploy a process model in to MWS

4.How to Execute a process Model


Creation of a Process model



Before starting a process model,check these things:


1) Go to windows -> Preferences ,Add the Logical server               and test the connection(whether able to connect or not)



2) Also check the Process Audit database



Step 1: 

Open the  Designer and choose a work space while opening



Step 2:Go to Process Developer perspective



Step 3: Create a new process Project.Got to File -> New -> Process Project




Step 4:

Right click on the Project which is created and selct  “newProcess” option,and give the process name as you desired




Step 5:

The First step of any process model should be “Receive “step (). Hence drag and drop the receive step at canvas.



Step 6:

Drag and Drop an Activity step () to the canvas. And right click the Activity and change the step type to Task. Give the name of the Activity step as you desired.



Step 7:

Select the implementation in the Properties panel and go to Receive document property, select the appropriate document from the browse option or you can drag drop the component from the IS browser(you can do like this for documents,services).





Step 8:

Select a Transition flow from Receive step to Task.



Step 9:

Select the Input/output tabs for the Task in the properties panel.




Step 10:

Here we will take a variable isApproved which will be the output of the task.



We will place a condition on the transition flow to chk whether isApproved variable is yes or no

Based on the result from the task we will redirect the transition flow to the further steps.




Creation of a Task:

We need to create the task before deploying the process. For this Right click on the Task and go in this way


Create Implementation à New Task

It will automatically create a task and task project, when you click finish.It will automatically change or it will ask to shift in to my webMethods perspective.

Every task has a default view associated with it. Select that one and made necessary modifications as required.





Deployment of a process Model:

Once after completing the necessary changes in the view, switch on to the process developer perspective.once doing all necessary changes. Click on  to build and upload the code.



After Deploying the process model log on to mws, go to

Administrationà Business à Business Processes

There you will find the Business process.






Execution of a Process Model:

After making the necessary setting s to the process mode. Execute it. The model requires a subscription document from broker to initiate the process. Hence we are publishing the document from the broker.




In the real time scenario, triggering won’t happen like this.(like publishing a document from developer)

Once the document was published a process instance was created for this input.Go and find the process instance in the below path

Monitoring à Business à Process Instances


Click on that process Instance.



Process is waiting for a task(human response) need to complete.

To approve the task go to the following path

Monitoring à Business à Tasks à Inbox



Click on that task which is waiting for Approval.First Accept the Task.And then click on yes or no(radio button) And click submit button.




Once this task is approved.The process instance will be started for execution of remaining of steps.


Finally the process instance diagram show like this



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written by rambo, October 29, 2013
Nice post very informative....thank you
written by rambo, October 29, 2013
Nice post very informative....thanks
written by Sam, September 01, 2013
Hi Pavan,

Thank your first for sharing the link. I was about to tell this forum as yesterday I saw the same video which you have shared smilies/smiley.gif Good one. Thank you again.
written by Sam, August 31, 2013

I couldn't open this link: ttp://

can you please share me the link for creating process model in 8.2?

written by Vikram, January 24, 2013
Hi Ajitesh,

Try this Video which was n 8.2 version:

written by Ajitesh, November 22, 2012
hi this post helped alot in clearing concepts...but can you please help me out doing the same with designer 8.2 As their is lots difference between 7.1 n 8.2

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